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    When I saw the oppositions name - the Little Caesar Summit Black Eagles - on the schedule, I knew that this was going to be a tough, tough game for our team. In the southeast Michigan area Little Caesar's is a big name in youth hockey, and they often have extremely good teams. This turned out to be true in this game as well, as Drew's team (which has been christened the Lapeer Hurricanes) allowed a total of 20 goals over the course of this morning's action. They did have a mini scoring outburst themselves though, as they managed to score 5 goals themselves - more than doubling the goal output from any prior jamboree game that they have played in this season.

Game 1 - vs. Little Caesar Summit Black Eagles

Drew skating on the ice during warm-ups.

Drew skating down the ice with the puck, looking for a teammate to pass to.

Drew fighting for the puck in the corner.

Drew trying to chase down the opposition for the puck.

Drew chasing the puck to the wall.

Drew skating along the blue line.

Drew racing against the opposition for the puck.

Drew skating behind the net with the puck.

Drew on the bench with his line mates and coaches.

Drew joining the handshake line after the game was over.

Drew getting ready to congratulate the opposition on their victory.

A close-up of Drew in the handshake line.


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