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    The second game of the jamboree took place immediately after the first, but this time we weren't really sure what to expect from the opposition. It turned out that we could pretty much expect more of the same as from the first game. This time the Hurricane team allowed 4 less goals, dropping the opposition total to 16, but they only managed to net one themselves. Both games ended in a 15 goal differential, so it is hard to tell if there was any improvement made against these two teams...

Game 2 - vs. Wyandotte Warriors #1

Drew fighting for the puck along the boards.

Drew skating down the ice.

Drew reaching for the puck while an opponent does the same.

Drew picking up the puck to head down the ice.

Drew and his teammates converging on the puck.

Drew skating with the puck into the corner.

Drew firing off a long distance shot as his shift comes to an end.

A close-up of Drew skating along the wall.

Drew got taken to the ice by the opposition.

Drew looking for the puck.

Drew trying to poke the puck past the goalie.

Drew skating behind the net with the puck as his entire team chases him.

Drew, his teammates, and his coach getting ready to join the handshake line.

Drew in the handshake line.


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