Game 4

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    Game number three took place later in the afternoon, which provided the kids with a chance to rest and get a bite to eat. It also gave them a chance to battle their new opponents a little tougher, as the early morning game is tough on a lot of kids. While the Hurricanes weren't able to secure a victory against the Canton Black Bears, they were able to narrow the scoring gap, this time losing by a 14-2 score.

Game 4 - vs. Wyandotte Warriors #2

Drew chasing for the puck as it slides along the wall.

Drew skating down the ice with the puck on his stick.

Another shot of Drew skating with the puck.

Drew firing off a shot on goal...

...and the follow through of the shot.

Drew skating along the blue line.

Drew bumping into an opposing player...

...and knocking him down.

Drew making a backhanded pass to a teammate.

Drew skating towards the puck.

Another shot of Drew going for the puck.


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