Scrimmage - 04-21-2012

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    Each Saturday Drew and his teammates will be playing in either scrimmages against the other Lapeer Mite team or (if it can be scheduled) a game against an outside opponent. For their first Saturday scrimmage, our friends son Andrew was tabbed to be one of the goalies. Drew made it a goal of his to score on Andrew. Although I wasn't able to attend the scrimmage, Drew tells me that he indeed achieved this goal. Tara also was very proud of how hard and how fast Drew skates when he puts his mind to it. Just an FYI: although Drew's jersey this time is #19, for today's scrimmage he had to wear a red "penny". The number he wound up with during today's action was #11. Without much further ado, enjoy!

Scrimmage #1

Andrew dressed up in all of the goalie gear before heading out to the ice.

Andrew playing strong in net.

Drew digging a puck out of the corner.

Drew skating along the ice.

Drew skating in behind the net with the puck.


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