Scrimmage - 04-28-2012

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    Another Saturday means that Drew and his teammates are scrimmaging against the other Lapeer Mite team. Drew skated all over the ice today, making some good passes and jabbing at a few pucks near the net, but his primary focus was on the defensive end of the ice. Unfortunately his goalie didn't do much to help his team out today, while the opposing goalie played like a pro. Another reminder: Drew's jersey is still #19, but for today's scrimmage he had to wear a red "penny" with the #2 on it. Without much further ado, enjoy!

Scrimmage #2

Drew ready for the puck to drop for the first face-off.

Drew skating towards the puck.

Drew chasing a puck along the wall.

Drew has his stick in the air as he passed by another player.

Drew in a defensive position. Not to get that stick on the ice!

Drew watching as the crowd chases after the puck.

Drew skating along the boards with the puck.

Drew skating down the ice.

Drew waiting for the action to come his way.

Drew chasing after the puck against a couple of members of the other team.

Drew looking towards the bench for some coaching.

Drew going after the puck along the boards once again.


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