Scrimmage - 05-12-2012

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    A couple of weeks ago at practice Drew talked to one of the coaches about taking a turn at playing goal, but then he had to miss his scheduled turn because of baseball's opening day. While he was bummed out, he was able to talk to the coach again about getting another opportunity later in the season. With just two Saturday scrimmages remaining, Drew got his shot on May 12th to strap on the goalie gear and give it a shot. Strapping on all of the extra gear was a bit of a challenge for us complete novices, but with a little bit of help from his coach we were able to successfully get him dressed and ready for game action.

    On the ice he stood tall in net and gave it his all. He allowed three goals, but his team handily won the battle today. He also made a few saves during the course of the game. He did a good job of moving from side to side in the net, but could use some help getting down quicker while trying to make a save. Of course regular practice at this would certainly help him. Overall he did well, and had a great time playing goalie. He is already looking forward to his next opportunity!

    I do have to add one last thing... when Drew skated off the ice at the end of the scrimmage and headed into the locker room to get changed, I quickly learned one of the reasons why parents don't want their kids to be goalies: the pads absolutely reeked! I didn't notice the smell while getting him dressed, but an hour on the ice in all that gear certainly was enough to overwhelm that particular sense!

Scrimmage #4

Drew got a chance to play goalie during today's scrimmage! This was the opportunity that he has been looking forward to all season...

Drew standing tall in goal.

Drew couldn't slide across the net fast enough to make this save.

Drew got a little coaching while the action took place at the other end of the rink.

Drew guarding the net.

Drew made this save and then fell on his butt!

Drew bending over to stop a puck from sliding through the crease.

Drew falling onto the puck, making another save.

Drew steering a puck to the side with his stick.

Drew standing in net once again.


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