Jayden's 6th Birthday

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Welcome to the page where you can find all of the pictures for Jayden's various birthday celebrations this year. Being on second shift and having a jam packed schedule has resulted in some party planning nightmares, but we are fitting them all in. Enjoy!

  • School Party - Click here to see Jayden celebrating her birthday with her classmates.
  • Celebration at Home - Follow this link to see Jayden celebrating at home with her family on her birthday.
  • Robinson's - Go here to see Jayden open her present from Dwayne, Erica, Donovan, and Marissa on December 15th.
  • Bowling Party - This page contains the pictures from Jayden's birthday party at Galaxy Lanes on December 16th.
  • Grandpa & Grandma Peters - Follow this link for pictures of the items that Jayden bought with the money she got for her birthday.


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