Bowling Party

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    Jayden had to wait a week or so after her actual birthday to have her big birthday party with her family and friends, but in the end I think that she was quite pleased with the outcome. She got to take some of her best friends bowling, and she got some great gifts from all who attended. Thank you everybody!

Galaxy Lanes Bowling Party

Jayden's birthday party got underway with the kids bowling on two lanes - one for the Jayden and her friends and one for her older siblings.

Here is Jayden watching as her ball rolls down the lane.

Jay reacting as the pins fall behind her.

Jayden pushed the ball a little too hard - it came right off of the ramp!

Jayden's friend Erin attended the party... did her friend Jessica.

Tyler did his best professional bowler impersonation.

This is another one of Jayden's friends, Marissa.

Samantha took a two handed approach to throwing the ball down the lane.

Drew also had a lot of fun while bowling today.

Abbie is another one of Jayden's friends from school.

Here is another look at Jay bowling.

And Tyler taking another turn.

The bowling alley posting a "Happy Birthday" picture on the scoring screens for Jayden!

Jayden had to have a princess cake made by Grandma Terry for her birthday.

Here is Jayden laughing with a couple of her friends.

Donovan was able to join us a little later, but Dwayne & Erica were with Marissa at her basketball tournament.

The kids took a break from bowling to enjoy some pizza and pop.

Donovan took advantage of the down time to take a break on the lane.

Here is another look at the kids enjoying the lunchtime meal.

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