Game 10

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    Jayden and her Ramsey Built Construction teammates played tonight's game in hot, hot weather. With temperatures in the 90's the kids managed to play on, even if the pace was slowed just a bit. As always, Jay hit the ball well and did her best in the field.

Game 10 - at Holly Community Fund

Jayden on first base, enjoying a cigarette in celebration of her first base hit of the game. Kidding!

Fish face!

Jay ready to swing her hardest for hit number two.

Nice follow through, Jayden!

It was an extremely hot day today, and Jay had to pour water on herself to keep cool.

Jay playing second base.

Jay running hard out of the batters box after she managed yet another hit...

...and she managed to run hard all the way to first base.

Jay standing on second base, ready to run.


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