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    Jayden's second t-ball game was another success as she continues to have a lot of fun playing a new game with her friends (I'm sure it beats the years of watching her brothers and sister play!). Although I wasn't at tonight's game (Sam had soccer practice), Tara reports that Jay played hard and well throughout the game. She had three hits, one of which was a home run! OK, the last batter in each inning is designated the home run hitter, and gets to round the bases regardless of how good the hit actually is, but she was thrilled nonetheless! Great job Jayden!

    Thanks again to Tara for taking the pictures of tonight's game for me!

Game 2 - at Mega Coney Island

Jayden's swung and missed in her first at-bat of the game.

But she was able to recover nicely with a solid hit later in that at-bat.

She hustled her way down to first base.

Jay standing on first base.

Jay ran hard all game long, this time making it to second base safely.

Jay wiping her hands clean after making it safely to second base.

Jay heading out to the field.

Jay watching as her teammates across the field handle the ball.

Jay kept her eye on the ball as she waited to bat, even when it wasn't on the tee!

Jay getting another hit.

Jay on first base, stretching.

Jay was all smiles as she crossed home plate to score again.

Jay on third base.

Jay had a great hit in her last at-bat...

...where she successfully made it to first base before...

...heading around second...

...and then third...

...when she came home with a home run!


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