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    Game #3 for Jayden and her Ramsey Built Construction teammates took place on a sunny Thursday evening. Since t-ball games are all pretty much the same, I don't have a lot of commentary to add today. I will say that Jayden played a pretty good game today, getting three nice hits and hustling throughout. She also does a nice job of paying attention to the action when she is on the field, which is more than some kids can say (one particular boy remained in the field today, playing in the dirt, until the opposing team started to make their way onto the field - even then he didn't notice, it was the coaches that had to call him in!). She got a lot of action while playing first base today, but most of the throws her way didn't make it to her on target, so she was hard pressed to make any plays on the base runners. All in all a great day, and she is still having a lot of fun, so it is all worthwhile!

Game 3 - at Subway

Jayden's started out tonight's game playing left field. She didn't get any balls hit her way, though.

Jayden got a hit in her first at-bat of the day...

...and she ran her hardest down to first base.

Jay was all smiles after her hit.

She also hustled her way to second base successfully.

Jayden came across to score moments later.

Jay played first base in the field next, and had a lot of baseballs thrown her way. Here she is picking up a rolling ball that was tossed her way.

Jay has the "ready position" down pat!

Jay smacking her second hit of the day.

Jayden was busy contemplating her next move while standing on second base.

Jay crossing home plate once again.

Jay played shortstop during her final time in the field.

Another at-bat resulted in another hit for Jay...

...and another run to first base.

Jay looking towards third base while standing on second once again.

Jay running to third base...

...where once again she was all smiles.

When she crossed home plate, Jay was ready to celebrate!


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