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    Another game meant another three hits for Jayden during today's action. She played third base, right field, and left field tonight, but only had one ball come her way (it probably should have been fielded by her teammates in front of her, but they weren't playing close enough attention to the game). Jay continues to have a blast playing ball, and is already talking about next year. No matter what happens this season, I would say it is a success!

Game 4 - vs. Szott Ford

Jayden got a chance to play third base today.

Jayden was happy after getting her first hit of the game.

Once she made it to third base, she got some advice from one of her coaches.

Jay in the ready position while playing right field.

Jay fielded this ball and threw it in to first base.

Jay winding up for her swing...

...before getting her second hit of the day.

Jay hustling around the bases before coming into third.

Another shot of Jayden smiling on the base path.

Jay coming around to score a run.

Between pitches Jayden occupied herself by dancing!

Once the action got underway, she was ready to go though!

Jay connecting for another hit.

Standing on second base, Jay was ready to run... third base...

...where she got some congratulations from her coach again.

Another shot of Jayden coming home to score.


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