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    Jayden and her Ramsey Built Construction teammates played their fifth game of the year on Thursday, May 24th. As is always the case at a t-ball game, Jayden got a hit in each of her at-bats in each of the three innings. She also managed to come around and score each time too, as is always the case too. While I like watching the kids play these games, it sure makes it difficult to add any interesting commentary about the game to the website! At the very least, enjoy the pictures!

Game 5 - at Holly Community Fund

Jayden swinging for her first hit of the game.

Jay had to adjust her helmet while standing on first base.

Jayden successfully made it to second base, but her opponent didn't seem to care that she was there.

Jay hustled her way to third base...

...before coming home to score.

Jay throwing the ball in from the outfield.

Jay getting ready to bat once again...

...where she connected with the ball...

...for another base hit.

Jayden running hard to first base.

Jay made it to third base, but didn't want to have her picture taken...

...but she got caught with her hand down in this one!

Jay coming home to score another run for her team.


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