Game 8

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    Jayden and her Ramsey Built Construction teammates played their eighth game against the Mega Coney Island team. As always, the kids had a great time playing. As is always the case, each of the kids got three hits and they all scored runs!

Game 8 - vs. Mega Coney Island

Jayden playing in the outfield to start the game.

Jay running the bases with her cool shades and pink helmet!

Jay moved to shortstop during her next time in the field.

Jayden on first base after another hit.

Jay standing on third base, posing for a picture.

Jay got a chance to play catcher tonight as well.

Jay chased down the ball and sprinted back to home plate so that she could...

...tag out the runners circling the bases.

Jay standing still for a shot in the catchers gear.

Jay getting a hit in her last at-bat.

Jay racing down the first base line to give her coach a high-five.


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