Game 9

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    Jayden and her teammates enjoyed game number nine against the Szott Ford team tonight. Jay hit the ball well tonight, and made some plays in the field. As always, enjoy the pictures!

Game 9 - at Szott Ford

Jayden standing in the on-deck spot waiting for her turn to bat.

Jay speeding down the base path during her first at-bat of the day.

Jay was excited to get a chance to play pitcher today!

Jay scooped of this ball as hit was hit to her...

...and made a throw to first base.

Jay at the plate for hit number two of the day.

Jay on third base, ready to...

...race home and score another run for her team.

Jay playing first base in the second inning.

Jay in the outfield in the second inning (she also played shortstop, all in the name of helping her team out when one of the players was having a bit of an off day...).

Jay running to first base during her final at-bat of the day.

A close-up of Jayden showing off her fingernails, compliments of big sister Samantha!

Jay coming home to score another run for her team.

Jayden played third base during the final inning of action tonight.


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