Game 4

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    I think everyone expected a bit of an easier game today that what it turned out to be. Even though the opposition had yet to win a game, this one was close throughout. Up until the final few minutes the decision could have gone either way. Samantha didn't score today, but she did play defense on the opposing teams better players. She also did some ball handling, bringing the ball up the court in some crucial moments late in the second half while the other team was pressing in an attempt to come back. Thankfully for Sam's team, the comeback wasn't successful. The end result was a 28-22 victory!

Game 4 - vs. Springfield Township Parks & Recreation

Samantha getting into position while playing defense.

Sam trying to block the inbounds pass by the opposition.

Sam guarding her man on defense.

Samantha running up the court talking to her teammate after a basket.

Sammie looking to throw the ball in to a teammate during an out-of-bounds play.

Sam getting ready for a layup attempt as the opposition closes in on her.

Sam going to talk to her coaches and teammates during a timeout.

Sammie running back up the court after another basket.

Sam running down the court looking for a fast break pass.

Sam lined up looking for a rebound on a free-throw attempt.

Sam dribbling the ball up the court.

The final score - a 28-22 victory for their third victory of the season.


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