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    The final "regular season" game of the year took place on Saturday, February 11th for Samantha and her L & R Construction teammates. They came in to today's game with just a one single-point loss, and they were looking to continue their winning ways today. The game started off slowly for both teams (which probably should have been expected considering the 9:00am start time). Samantha's team took the lead and never really gave it up, but they also couldn't open up the lead either. It was a close game throughout, and it was shaping up to be a real nail biter at the finish. Fortunately for Sam's team, the girls managed to make the important baskets (both Sam and her teammate Taylor scored baskets in the final two minutes) while the other team missed theirs. Samantha played a good game once again, playing tough defense while providing timely ball handling and scoring as the clock wound down. The end result of today's action was a 30-25 victory and a 4-1 record heading in to the playoffs.

Game 5 - vs. Royal Blue Team

Samantha getting ready to go set a screen on the offensive end.

Sam trying to intercept a pass from the opposing team's tallest player.

Sam dribbling the ball while on the offensive end.

Sam running up the court after inbounding the ball to her teammate.

Sammie lined up on the edge of the lane during a free-throw attempt.

Sam lined up on the edge of the lane with the two girls on the opposing team as Sam's female teammate prepares to shoot a free throw. Girl power!

Sam defending an inbound pass.

The final score - a 30-25 victory in the final "regular season" game of the year, giving the L & R Construction team a 4-1 record.


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