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    Coming into today's game I think that everyone was confident that Samantha and the rest of her teammates would be walking away winners when the game was done. They had already beaten this team in their previous encounter. They finished the regular season 4-1 (tied for second overall). Things were looking like that was going to be the case for most of the game, but that changed rapidly as the time wound off the clock. Despite playing well throughout the game, things started to unravel a little and the game wound up tied as time expired in regulation time. Overtime didn't go well, as both teams struggled to score. Unfortunately for the guys in green, the Parks & Rec team scored a basket early in overtime while the L&R Construction team couldn't manage to get a basket. The heart-breaking result was a 37-35 loss and the end of the season for Sam.

Playoff Game 1 - vs. Springfield Township Parks & Recreation

Samantha sitting on the bench at the start of the game, watching as her team played.

Sam spent most of her day guarding the other team's second best player.

Sam was backpedaling into position on this play.

Sam driving towards the basket.

Another shot of Sammie driving the ball to the basket.

Sam and her teammates were all lined up to guard an inbounds play by the other team.

Sam going up for a rebound.

Sam making sure the player she is guarding doesn't get too far away.

Sam looking to make a past from the post.

Another look at Sammie getting ready to pass the ball.

Sam guarding her opponent.

Sam running up the court.

At the end of regulation, the score was tied 35-35.

Sam was a little nervous after her team fell behind in overtime.

As the final seconds ticked off the clock, Sam sat on the bench disappointed that her season was about to come to an end.

The final score, after two minutes of overtime, was a 37-35 loss for the good guys (and girls!).

Sam was upset as she joined her family in the bleachers after the game.


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