Game 10

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    This is another game of Sam's where I can't recall much of what happened. I do remember that the umpire had a very low strike zone, meaning that balls that hit the dirt but went over the plate were called a strike - no knee high pitches today. The entire team struggled with the zone, and that affected our overall play. The Rays had a difficult time in all phases of the game tonight, losing 7-4.

Game 10 - at Mets

Samantha played out of position (for her) today, spending the entire game at shortstop (instead of her usual second base).

Sam swing during her first at-bat of the game.

Sam at shortstop once again.

Another look at Sammie at shortstop.

Sam on first base after getting a hit.

Sam back in the field at shortstop.

Sam looking for another hit.

Sam in the field once again.


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