Game 11

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    This game turned out to be the last one of the season that I got to see Samantha play in person, and I had to split the time between her game and Drew's game on the adjacent field. Because my attention was divided, I don't really remember a lot, except that from where I was seated the score looked to get out of hand. When the game was over and Sam told me that they had only lost by a score of 9-7, I was a little shocked. Sam played a decent game today, getting on base twice. She didn't really have any hits to field while playing second base, so there really isn't much to say in that regard. All in all, a tough game between two teams that were more evenly matched than it appeared.

Game 11 - vs. Angels

Samantha, after playing shortstop last game, was back at her normal position of second base tonight.

Sam was ready for a hit tonight.

Another shot of Sammie ready to swing.

Sam in the field at second base once again.

Sam watching a pitch sail outside.

Sam ready to hit once again.

Sam on first base after a single.

Sam waiting to take a lead off of second base.

Sam swinging for another hit.

Sam on third base after sliding in safely.


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