Game 13

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    Tonight's game was the first one to take place with me on second shift, so I am relying on Tara to keep me up to date on the action and to take pictures for me. That means my commentary will be pretty light now, but I will do my best to keep everyone informed of the game action. Samantha played second base the entire game tonight, which is where she is most comfortable in the field. At the plate, she went hitless for the night, striking out twice but also walking twice as well. She was excited about making a play in the field as well, fielding a hit and throwing the runner out at first base. All in all it sounded like a good game, despite the fact that the Rays lost the game 8-6.

Game 13 - vs. A's

Samantha in the field, playing second base once again.

Sam headed to the batters box, looking for a hit.

Sammie ready to swing at a good pitch.

Sam swinging and connecting, unfortunately for a foul ball.

Another at-bat for Sam, and another foul ball.


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