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    Something happened tonight that isn't likely to happen too often with this year's edition of the Rays... all nine players on the team were present for the game! Good thing, too, because they needed contributions from each of them to squeeze out a victory in this game, a tough battle against the Mets. The Rays started out strong, getting off to a fast start and a 7-1 lead, including a a run scored by Samantha following one of her two walks during the game. After a pitching change, the Mets were able to get back into the game, eventually tying the score at 9 runs apiece in the third and final inning (thanks to the time limit and impending darkness, this game was shortened from the scheduled six innings to three). The Rays managed a hit and three walks in the bottom of the third, however, forcing in the winning run, giving them a 10-9 victory... their second of the season!

    Just a quick note. Although this is the Rays third game of the season and I am treating it as such, officially the first game didn't count (don't ask me why... I don't understand why a game is played on opening day that doesn't count). Technically that means that the Rays are now 2-0 on the season! Whatever the case may be, great job to all of the players!

Game 3 - vs. Mets

Samantha spent the entire game playing second base tonight, which is the position she seems most comfortable with.

Sam was ready to hit tonight, but she didn't see too many quality pitches, earning a walk in this at-bat.

Sam ready to steal second base after getting walked in her first at-bat of the game.

Sammie ready to field the ball while playing second base.

Sam expressed some frustration after her team missed an opportunity to get an out late in the game.

Sam in her second at-bat, which resulted in another walk.

Sam getting in position to cover second base while the runner attempts to steal the base. There is no stealing home in the minor leagues, so the runner on third stays put.

Sam struck out in her final at-bat, largely due to swinging at some bad pitches.

Sam covering second again on an attempted steal.

Sam was all smiles after her team made a good play in the field.


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