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    As a parent, I have to admit that I am fairly pissed disappointed with whoever made the decision to field 8 teams, many of which only have 9 players on the roster, instead of having 7 teams and dispersing the remaining players amongst the remaining teams. I've two reasons for this, both of which may or may not be true... first - they wanted to keep an even number of teams; second - they didn't want kids to have to sit during games. Either way it sucks for Samantha's team. Already this season they have played two games with only 7 players available to them. The first time the coaches talked and agreed that the game would count. This time they weren't as lucky and were given no other choice but to officially forfeit the game, resulting in a 1-0 loss. Unofficially, they played anyway, but it just sucks that we pay the same amount as every other player in the league and they don't have to face this situation. This is a problem for the Rays on every Monday, as the divorced mother of one player won't bring their child to the game on "her" time while yet another player is involved in other baseball leagues at the same time. Friday's are likely to be a problem too, especially as families start to head out of town and that player's mother still refuses to bring her child if it is "her" weekend. Never mind what the kid wants to do...

    Anyway, enough of my rant, on to "game" action. Tara worked tonight, and I split time between Sam's game and Drew's game clear across the baseball complex. That means that I missed a fair amount of each game walking back and forth. I don't think I missed much here, though, as the Angels managed to plate the maximum five players in each of the three innings that were played. The Rays did manage to match that feet in one inning, leaving Sam stranded on the bases after a walk in the process. I am not sure because I wasn't told the official unofficial score after the game, but I think the Rays managed to score a couple more runs during the game, and I think the final score of the game that wasn't played was 15-7. But I'm not sure, because it never really happened...

    I have to pass along a big thank you to Tyler spending the evening at Sam's game tonight and taking pictures for me as I split time between Sam and Drew's games. Thanks bud, you're the best!

Game 4 - at Angels

Samantha at bat, focused and ready to go.

Another look at Sam at-bat.

Sam had a nice hit on this one, but unfortunately the pitcher managed to field the ball and throw her out at first base.

Sammie played the entire game at second base tonight.

Sam did a good job covering the base, even though there was no throw from the catcher.

Sam at bat once again later in the game.


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