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    Today was the kind of day where losing a game doesn't seem so bad. I got to watch my girl do what she does best, and that is prove people wrong! As she came up to bat for the first time, the Diamondback team continually urged their pitcher to "strike out the girl!" While she didn't get a hit during that at-bat, it wasn't because she struck out. It was because one of the infielders made a nice play on the ball and threw her out at first base. Everyone sitting along that baseline thought she was safe, but the ump called her out, so that is how the play stands. She came up to bat again to the same chants, but this time she was able to shut them up - she hit her first ever home run! It was a solid hit that sailed through the infield and went into left-center field. Her base coaches kept waving her around the bases, and she made it home without a play at the base, and was greeted by cheers from her teammates and her beaming Dad & Mom! How could you not cheer loudly for a play like that? She returned to second base, where she started the game. After she came off the field at the end of an inning, I urged her to talk to her coach about giving her a shot to pitch. She was given that chance, and she made the most of it tonight. She pitched for parts of two innings, striking out three of the boys on the other team. Needless to say she was hassled when she came up to bat the next time! Unfortunately her last at-bat was indeed a strikeout, but by then the damage was done.

    As for the game itself, who cares! Kidding... her team struggled with pitching throughout tonight (which explains why she got her shot), and that showed up in the score - a 12-8 loss, dropping their record for the season to 2-3.

Game 5 - at Diamondbacks

Samantha was ready during her first at-bat, smoking a hit through the infield that was fielded and thrown to first, where the ump called her out (even though all of us along the first base line thought she was safe).

Sam started playing in the field at second base today.

Sam was ready to make a play if need be in the field.

Sammie had a nice swing, but fouled the ball off in her second at-bat.

She was ready to swing again, though, as she waited for the perfect pitch.

Sam connected on a ball, which sailed through the infield and into left-center...

...where she rounded first base on her way to getting a double...

...but she was waved on past second and third base...

...and she stormed home, getting the first home-run of her career. Her teammates and coach were all very excited for her (as you can tell by her teammate leaping into the air while in the on-deck circle)!

Sammie also got a chance to pitch tonight (after asking her coach for a chance).

Sam threw well enough to strike out three boys in a little over an inning of work.

She threw well enough, in fact, to earn more opportunities throughout the season.

Another look at Sam throwing a pitch down the middle for a strike.

Sam throwing another pitch.

And another...

...and another.

A close up of Sam getting ready to throw once again.

Sam throwing another pitch.

Sam set to throw another pitch.

Sam moved back to second after her time on the mound. She could have pitched longer, but pulling her out early allows her to pitch more during their next game.

Sam struggled in her last at-bat, striking out.


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