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    Like Drew's game 6, I don't have a lot to say about Samantha's game either, as I spent most of my time running back and forth between the two. To top that off, it was raining too, so I didn't get the opportunity to take many photos (which is bad, since it took place almost a week before I finally found time to post this... with my failing memory, that is just far too long to remember anything!). I know that Sam played pretty well tonight, even earning another shot to pitch. She couldn't quite match her success from the last game however, and the Ray's "closer" came in to leave three men stranded on base to seal an 8-6 victory. The win moved the team to 3-3 on the season.

Game 6 - at A's

Samantha spent the majority of her game in her usual position - second base.

Sam in her first at-bat.

Sam back out in the field.

Another shot of Sam playing second base.

Sam getting her hair ready for her helmet as Coach Ian gives the kids a pep talk.

Sam did spend an inning playing in the outfield today as well.

Sammie getting ready to crank out another hit.

Sam got the opportunity to pitch some today as well.

Sam throwing another pitch.

Sam pitching to another batter.

And another pitch.


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