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    Although the Rays lost to the Tigers in the first game of the season (one that officially doesn't count, although I count it since they played it) they were in no mood to lose to them again tonight. In fact, aside from a slow first inning, the Rays managed to pour it on tonight from the plate and play some solid defense as well. Sam had a single to go with a walk and two strikeouts, but the team still cruised to victory with a 13-7 win, despite giving up 5 runs in their last inning in the field.

Game 7 - vs. Tigers

Samantha spent the majority of her game in her usual position - second base.

Sam ready to go during her first at-bat.

Sam got a nice single in her first at-bat of the game.

Sammie earned a high-five from her first base coach.

Sam was ready to head to second as soon as she could...

...and she eventually was successful in her swipe of the base.

Sam back in the field at second base.

Get out of the way!

Sam looking for another base hit.

After being walked, Sam made her way to second base and was looking to steal third as well.

Sam coming home to score a run.

Another shot of Sam at second base as the sun cleared the field.

Sam looking for her second hit of the game.

Another picture of Sam batting.


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