Game 8

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    Tonight's game was a makeup game due to a rainout, and I regret that I missed it. While the Rays lost the game, they did put on a hitting show tonight. Samantha wound up getting a home run (or, as we call it at home, a Little League home run) on a dribbler to the pitcher that was aided by a couple of throwing errors. In addition to her big hit, her teammates followed with with 6 more home runs (no word on whether these were legitimate or not) during the course of the game. Unfortunately it was all for naught, as they wound up losing the game by three runs, 18-15, thanks to some poor pitching. Sam wound up pitching an inning tonight, and she managed to strike out two boys. Of course, she allowed the maximum five runs too. Considering how little she has pitched this year, I can really blame her for her lack of pitching progress. I guess if she intends on keeping playing baseball that I need to get outside and work with her on this more and more. I know she can do it, but practice makes perfect!

Game 8 - vs. Cardinal's (Makeup Game)

Samantha ready for a hit in her first at-bat of the game...

...but ended up with a walk instead.

Sammie making her way to first base after her walk.

Sam spent the entire game playing second base, except...

...when she toed the rubber to pitch for an inning.

Another picture of Sam throwing a pitch.

One more shot of Sam pitching.


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