Game 9

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    I hate to admit this, but since I have too busy to update the website lately I have fallen way, way behind. The biggest drawback to being so late with my updates is that I forget what happened in the games. All I can say at this time is that I did take a couple of notes for this game... Samantha had two hits and two walks during her at-bats tonight, and if I recall she made a play or two at second base, getting a runner out at least once. Hopefully I can get myself caught up so that I can keep the game recaps focused on the game action and not what I forgot! Oops, almost forgot - the Rays won today, by a score of 17-15!

Game 9 - vs. Rockies

Samantha spent the majority of her game in her usual position - second base.

Sam waiting for her first crack at batting.

Sammie ready to swing at a good pitch.

Sam on first base.

Sam on second base after a successful steal.

Sam was a little tired of watching her team walk some batters during one of the innings.

Sam at the plate once again.

Sam on first base, watching the action at second.

Sammie on second base.


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