Playoff Game 1

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    The fifth place Uncle Ray's Rays faced off against the 4th place A's tonight in the first game of the playoffs. Samantha and her teammates got off to a good start, leading 2-0 after the first inning in part thanks to a base hit that she had. She played the entire game in the field at second base tonight, helping get two outs - one on a fielded ball that she threw to first to get out the runner and another where she tagged the runner out as he headed to second base. She also scored a run in the second inning after being walked, which she did in her next two at-bats as well, before striking out in her final at-bat of the game. The Rays expanded their lead to 7-0 at one point before the A's started to get things going. Thankfully it was too little, too late by that point, and the Rays managed to hold on for an 11-7 victory! On to Game #2! Great job Rays!

Playoff Game 1 - at A's

Samantha watching a pitch sail high over her head.

Sam on second base, ready to run to third.

Sam keeping her eye on the ball as it approaches the plate.

Good follow through, Sam, but both hands on the bat!

Sam standing on first base, ready to lead off when the pitcher throws the ball.

Sam ready to bat once again.

Sam on first base once again.

Sam playing second base, keeping an eye on the runner.

Another shot of Sam ready to bat.

Sam back at second base.


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