Playoff Game 3

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    That perfect game that the Rays needed when playing the first place Angels in their prior game? Yeah, that was pretty much what they had tonight. It seemed as though nothing could really go wrong throughout the entire game. Samantha had an excellent game in the field, catching a pop-fly to record an out. She also fielded two grounders and threw the ball to first base to get two more outs while playing second base. She also managed a double while batting, in addition to two walks and a strikeout. All in all her play pretty much reflected that of the rest of the team, as they cruised to an 11-1 victory, securing the Rays third place in the tournament. This was after finishing 5th in the regular season, and beating both the 4th and 2nd place team teams while only losing to the eventual champions, the first place Angels! Not bad, and a great season overall! Congratulations Rays, and congratulations Samantha!

Playoff Game 3 - at Tigers

Samantha ready to hit during her first at-bat of the game.

Playing second base tonight, Sam did a good job of watching the ball into her glove...

...and hanging on to record an out.

Another look at Sam in her "ready position" on defense.

Sam at second base once again.

Sammie managed to hit a ball into right field that she was able to stretch into a double.

Sam stole base on a wild pitch.

Sam back at second base.

Sam at the plate in her third at-bat.

Sam fouling off a ball...

...before getting a walk.

Sam heading to second on a steal...

...and coming into third after another steal...

...before coming home to score later on in the inning.

Sam at the plate once again, looking for another hit.

Sam fouling off a ball...

...and another...

...and another...

...and another...

...before finally taking ball four in the dirt.


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