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    Samantha's school field day took place on May 25th at the Holly Middle School. While I missed a couple of her events while coming home from my half day at work, I was able to make it for most of them. Among the events that Sam participated in, she earned a ribbon in each one. She ran the 400 meter race, earning 6th place. She skipped the 4x100 relay race, but participated in every other event on the day. She got a 7th in the jump rope competition, a 1st place in the softball toss(!), a 1st in the water relay, a 2nd in the soccer relay and the tug-of-war, 8th in the Frisbee toss, 2nd in the sack race, 7th in the limbo competition, and 2nd in the standing long jump. She had a great time this year participating in all of the events, but her first place finish in the softball toss was definitely her highlight of the day. Great job, Samantha!

    I have to say thank you to my Mom for attending with me and taking pictures of all of the events that I missed. I appreciate the help!

Samantha's Field Day At Holly Middle School

Samantha was hanging out with her little sister Jayden before the start of the day's activities.

Sammie running the 400 meter race...

...where she took sixth place. Not too shabby!

Sam jumping rope, an event that...

...she managed to get seventh place in.

Sam was most looking forward to the softball toss event after a disappointing result last year.

She didn't let herself down this year, however, with a toss of 65 feet!

Her throw was good enough to easily take first place!

Sam taking off during the water relay race... which her team managed to win handily.

Sammie didn't get off to the best start in the soccer dribble relay race...

...but her team still had a chance to win, up until they were passed over by the last player on the other team. Second place.

Sam's tug-of-war team didn't do as well as expected, settling instead for another second place ribbon.

Sam standing by her disc in the Frisbee toss, in which the closest to the cone won. Sam got eighth place.

Sam sailing through the air during the sack race.

Sammie nearing the finish line of the sack race, where her team took second place.

While waiting to start the limbo competition, Sam took Jayden along for a ride.

The entire class entertained themselves by doing various dances, including the Macarena.

Sam continues to do a good job in the limbo competition...

...before falling down and earning a seventh place ribbon.

Sam's standing long jump was good enough to earn another second place ribbon!


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