Applefest 5K

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    As part of a fundraiser, Samantha's entire soccer league has the opportunity to run in the Applefest races (the distance depends on the age group, but the vast majority of teams run the 5K). This is Sam's second year in the event. While she didn't set any records with her time, she did a good job - especially considering that she had to stop to tie her shoes more than once along the way.

Applefest 5K Run

Samantha and her friend Maya hanging out before the race gets underway.

This race is so big that even Santa Claus came out to watch!

Sammie starting out the race full of energy.

Here she is waving to her dad.

Another shot of Sam waving as she runs by.

Sam started to get a little more serious as she passed.

Here is Samantha nearing the finish line 34+ minutes later (including a couple of stops to tie her shoes).

Another shot of Sam flying towards the finish line.

One last shot of Sam at the end of the race.

    As you can see in the next image, Samantha ran her race in 34:48. This is a vast improvement over last year's time of 40:32 - she shaved almost 6 minutes off her time! Great job, Sam!

Applefest 5K Results

Samantha came in 60th out of 73 racers in her gender/age group. Not too bad considering that she rarely runs outside of soccer practices and games!


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