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    I wasn't able to see this game in person as I got the honor of taking Drew to hockey, which of course took place at the same time, but as it turns out I suppose I should be thankful that was the situation. Tara isn't usually one to complain about the officials at a sporting event, but she - and many other parents that I heard from later - all said the same thing: these officials were lousy! I was told that all of the calls were against us, including the first yellow card that I have ever seen handed out to a youth player before. In fact, Samantha told me that she didn't think that the lone goal the Hartland team was credited with even counted since they were so offsides on the play. Unfortunately for her and her teammates, it did indeed count (remember, the officials didn't make those calls unless it was against the La Forza girls). Trailing 1-0 at halftime, Sam went into goal for the second half. I was told that she did an outstanding job in her first real test as a goalkeeper. She must not have played half bad, as the game ended with the same 1-0 score. Unfortunately for the La Forza girls, they remained on the wrong end of the score, suffering their first loss of the season.

Game 1 - at Hartland - United 01G Blue

Samantha and her teammates getting some last minute directions from their coach.

Sam and her teammates getting ready to start the game.

Sam challenging a player in front of the net.

Sammie getting her foot on the ball as an opponent tries to drive by her.

Sam racing after the ball.

Sam performing a sideline throw-in.

Sam watching the ball after kicking it away.

Samantha moved into the net for the second half of today's game.

Sam collected this save.

And this one as well.

Sammie drop-kicking the ball away.

Sam watching the ball after kicking it to her teammates.

Sam kicking the ball off the ground.

Sammie scooping up another ball.

Sam kicking the ball away once again.


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