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    One day after suffering their first loss, the La Forza girls were back on the field attempting to garner their first win of the season. Things looked promising at the start, as the girls were flying all over the ball in the first half, controlling the action near the opponents net. They jumped out to a 1-0 lead thanks to some nice teamwork, and took that score with them into halftime. After scoring another goal early in the second half, things began to shift a bit, as the opposition began to attack more frequently as the La Forza girls sat back and waited for the action to come to them. Samantha was put in goal again for the second half of today's game, and she played a decent game. Unfortunately it wasn't a good game, as she allowed two goals during her time in net. While there was one goal that I think she should have stopped, the second goal she got a hand on to deflect it away, but there were no teammates nearby to clean up her rebound. The opposition was in the right place, however, and kicked the ball into the open half of the net to tie the game at two. So, while the girls are still winless, they are not 0-2, either. They are showing signs of progress since the Powerade Invitational, and good things will come their way as long as they keep working together.

Game 2 - at Chelsea - 01 Bulldogs Girls Blue

Samantha kicking the ball towards the net during warm-ups.

Sammie and her teammates doing a pre-game cheer.

Sam getting a drink of water...

...and some words of encouragement from her coach before checking into the game.

Sam driving the ball between two opponents...

...on her way to the net.

Sam turning the ball around near the sideline.

Sammie taking a breather during a break in the action.

Samantha played goalkeeper in the second half again today.

Sammie kicking the ball... a teammate down the field.

Another look at Sam kicking the ball.

Sam drop-kicking the ball down the field.

Sam getting ready... do another drop-kick.


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