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    Things were looking good for the La Forza Ice in their third game of the season. They were playing good, aggressive soccer throughout the game, making passes to open teammates, and helping out on defense (for the most part). Despite all this, they fell behind when the Ann Arbor girls scored the first goal of the game. Thankfully the La Forza girls kept their heads up and stormed right back, taking a 2-1 lead into halftime after two speedy goals. Samantha moved into goal in the second half, and despite making some nice saves she also allowed a goal to tie the game at 2-2. The La Forza team put on the pressure once again, and even took the lead when an Ann Arbor defender knocked the ball into her own net! Unfortunately, the defense faltered a bit late, and Sam couldn't step up to make the crucial save when her team needed it most, as the Ann Arbor girls stormed back to tie the game once again, this time at 3 goals apiece. La Forza put on a desperate rally late, but it was indeed too late, as time expired before they could manage to get the go-ahead goal. This tie (or draw in soccer parlance) moved the team to 0-2-1 on the season (again, in soccer parlance, that is Wins-Draws-Losses). All this while only being outscored in their three games by a single goal!

Game 3 - at Ann Arbor United - 01 Gold

Samantha and her teammates getting some last minute advice from Coach Joe.

Sam chasing after the ball in order to turn it back into her team's offensive zone...

...and fending off the shove from the opposition while doing so (no call, of course).

Sam getting into position to help her teammate out.

Sam turning the ball toward the goal along the sideline...

...while managing to keep it in bounds the whole time.

Sam heading towards the net as her teammate drives with the ball.

Sammie controlling the ball.

Sam making a pass between two defenders.

Sam heading into the offensive zone to help her teammates out.

Samantha making a save while playing goalkeeper in the second half of action.

Sam making another save while playing in goal.

Sam scooping up another ball.

Sam getting ready to do a drop kick... her teammates down the field...

...after making a save.


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