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    Today's game was the girls first game of the season at their home field. Unfortunately there was no home cooking for this particular battle, as the Ice girls fell behind early before managing to tie up the game at a goal apiece. Things began to go downhill from there, as they wound up trailing at halftime 3-1. There would be no magic second half, either, as The Plymouth team continued to pour on the offense (helped by two goals that should have been called off-sides - one where the side judge even signaled for the call but the main referee let the goal count anyway). Needless to say, by the time the game was over, the score was a lopsided 7-3 defeat. Four of the goals allowed were against Samantha, but again two of those were off-sides, and the third was a breakaway where the defense let the opposing player march right between them. I still think that Sam needs to step up and make a save or two in a situation like that, but it doesn't make the job any easier when your defense does little to help.

Game 4 - vs. Plymouth Reign 01 White

Samantha driving towards the net, trying to catch up to the ball as it approaches the opposing team's goalkeeper..

Sam chasing down another ball as it heads to the keeper.

Sam turning the ball up-field in an attempt to ignite some offense.

Sam dribbling the ball while looking for a teammate to pass to.

Samantha moved into goal in the second half - here she is chasing down an opposing shot.

Sam watching as her drop kick sails through the air.

Sammie reeling in another shot on goal.

Sam following through on another drop kick.

Sam getting into position to make a save on this kick.

Sam waiting for her teammates to get set up before kicking away the ball.

Sam following through on her drop kick.

Sam looking towards the parents on the sideline.

Sam watching the action unfold as her teammate takes (and makes) a penalty kick.

Sam grabbing another shot on goal...

...before bobbling it just a bit.

Sam kicking the ball down the field once again.

Another look at Sam's drop kick.

After the game the girls gathered for a team picture for the official La Forza league website. Sam is laying on the ground on the left side of the picture.

Here is another look at the girls, only this time from a little further away.


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