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    The La Forza girls gave it their all today in the hopes of securing a victory in the final game of the season. Samantha got the start in goal this afternoon, and she did her best to keep her team in the game. She made several nice saves over the course of the half and led her team to a 0-0 tie at halftime. In the second half she moved to the field to provide some offense, and she almost provided a much needed goal for her team. Unfortunately the opposing goalie managed to secure the save, keeping the La Forza girls scoreless. There was a new girl in net for the second half today as well, all in an attempt to provide her some experience for the indoor season that will be coming up soon. She was nervous as could be, and she wound up letting in two goals, one of which was on a penalty kick - it is tough to blame her for that one. While it was a tough season overall for the girls, it was good for them to get some experience working together. Samantha and Lauren, her teammate from last season, really stepped up as vocal leaders. Sam also was a more aggressive player this season, something that we hope carries on to the spring. Great job girls!

Game 8 - vs. Chill SBC Soccer Club - 01 Girls White

Samantha started today's game in goal for the first time this season.

She made several nice saves, after which she followed up with her drop kicks.

Sammie doing a goal kick.

Sam moved to offense in the second half, and she just missed this shot on goal.

Sam watching as the action takes place on the opposite side of the field.

Sam running towards the opposition with the ball.

Sam getting her foot in front of her opponent and knocking the ball away.


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