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    I don't have much to report on this game, as I missed it while at work. My normal sideline reporter (Tara) was home with a sick Drew, so she didn't get to watch the game either. My mom went and took pictures for me (Thanks!), but the only game update I got was a couple of text messages from Samantha after the game, which consisted of "Hi dad we tied 3-3 I saved this amazing goal" and "I stayed in goal the whole game..." So, as far as my game report goes, Sam played both halves of the game in net today, making at least one amazing save, while holding on to enough others to get her team a 3-3 draw in their second game of the season. Good job Sam!

Game 2 - vs. MESA Momentum

Samantha started the game in goal today, staying there for both halves.

Sam in position to make a save.

Sam going down to stop a rolling soccer ball...

...and kneeling to get up.

Since it is against the rules for the goalkeepers to kick the ball past the midfield line it is sometimes easier for them to throw (or roll) the ball to a teammate.

As you can see, Sam had plenty of air and distance on her throw.

Sam trying to get into position on the oppositions corner kick as the ball sails high in the air...

...and appears to get knocked into the net. Sam must have done a good job shielding the ball from the ref though, as it was ruled no goal. I assume this was the amazing save!

A look at Sam carefully rolling out of the goal with the ball in her arms.

Sam kneeling down to make another save.

Sam getting ready to kick the ball away.

Sam going down to her knees to make another save.

Sam kicking the ball away once again.

Sam reaching for a ball that wound up sailing over the net and out of bounds...

...resulting in a goal kick for Samantha.


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