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    After losing to this WAZA team earlier in the indoor season already, the girls were looking for revenge today. They managed to score a quick goal on them, grabbing an early 1-0 lead. Unfortunately it didn't hold up, and the La Forza girls weren't able to sustain much if any offensive momentum over the rest of the game. Sam made some really nice saves today, including one on a penalty kick (with some help from the crossbar), but she also let in a shot that bounced off her hands. Overall it was a pretty decent game, which was dominated by one particular player on the WAZA team. The girls get one more shot at redemption against this team in the final game of the season. Let's go La Forza!

Game 4 - vs. WAZAFC North U11

Samantha started and finished this morning's game in goal.

Here Sam is performing a goal kick after the ball went out of bounds.

Sammie was able to get a hand on this ball and knock it to the side of the net, saving a goal.

Sam knocked this ball down, but needed her teammate to kick it away from the net.

Sam throwing the ball to her teammates after switching ends to begin the second half...

...and watching as it sails down field.

Sam going to a knee to stop a shot.

Sammie making another save on her knee.

Sam looking for an open teammate to get the ball to.

Sam leaping up to knock away a shot on a corner kick.


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