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    I didn't have much to say about the last game because I wasn't there, and I almost wish that was the case with today's game. None of our girls looked like they came to play in the rematch game against the team that they just lost to by a score of 3-0. Today's game started out bad, and it never really improved. This was the type of score that Sam's team was used to last year, but only in reverse. Today the outcome was an 8-0 lambasting, despite having the two girls who played outdoor but are sitting this session out here to help out as one girl had to miss the game. Thankfully for Sam she only played the first half in net, letting in 5 of the 8 goals before moving to offense in the second half.

Game 6 - vs. WAZA North 01 Black

Samantha started out the game in goal today.

Sam had a bit of a tough time holding on to the ball today, knocking several shots into the air before finally corralling them.

Sam managed to get her hands on a very high kick, knocking this shot straight into the air...

...before grabbing it as it came back down.

Here Sam managed to get her hands cleanly on the ball.

Sam lining up a goal kick...

...for a kick down the field.

Sam getting ready for another goal kick (with both feet off the ground in this shot)...

...before kicking the ball down the field.

This shot wasn't going to be stopped by any girl in this age group, as it sailed just under the crossbar.

Sam did her best though, diving for shots that were often times just out of her reach.

On offense Sammie headed down field to try and help out her teammates on defense.

Here Sam is watching as a teammates shot makes its way towards the net.

Sam gaining control of a pass from her teammate.

Sam running down the field, hair waving.

Sam raced back to beat the opponent to the ball and help out her goalkeeper.

Sam took a ball to the face (and a slap afterwards - one she thought was intentional) near the end of the game today... nothing like adding injury to insult!


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