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    This was the third time the La Forza girls have battled this particular WAZA team, and after losing the first two games (first 4-0, then 3-1) the girls were ready to come out and claim a victory today. Of course, not everything goes according to plan. Today's game was a prime example of that, as the girls really struggled all day long. Sam didn't have her best day in goal today, giving up 5 of the 7 her team allowed before finally being allowed to move out to offense. Unfortunately for her, none of her teammates this indoor session are interested in relieving her in net, so she spends most of her time defending the goal. She would prefer to split her time in net and on the field 50/50, but that doesn't seem to be happening. She played well when she did get a chance on offense, even getting off one of her teams few shots on goal. Unfortunately it wasn't nearly enough, as the La Forza girls were unable to score for the third consecutive game.

Game 7 - vs. WAZAFC North U11

Samantha started out the game in goal today.

Here is Sam trapping a ball between her feet.

Sam did a good job with her goal kicks today, knocking them down the sideline to her teammates.

Sam also had to dive after several shots on goal during the course of the game...

...but she was not able to stop them all.

Here is Sam snapping up a ball before it gets behind her.

Sam preparing to do another goal kick...

...and following through.

Sam was finally able to move to offense after one of her teammates finally stepped up and moved into goal. Here she is driving the ball down the field.

Here is another shot of Sam controlling the ball, this time preparing for a shot on goal.


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