Game 8

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    Tonight's game was another rematch for the La Forza girls. This time against the team that they tied 3-3 back in the second game of the indoor season. Unfortunately for Samantha and her teammates, good fortune wasn't on their side in this one. Although Sam played a decent game herself, making several saves while allowing one goal and scoring one herself in the second half, it wasn't enough to overcome the opposing team's strengths. By the time the final whistle was blown, the score was 4-2, moving the girls to a 1-1-6 record. Ugh.

Game 8 - vs. MESA Momentum

Samantha throwing the ball out to a teammate after making a save.

Sam diving to the ground to make a save.

Another shot of Sam throwing the ball out to her teammates.

Sam moved out to offense in the second half of today's game.

Here is Sam about to dribble the ball into two defenders...

...before she puts on the brakes...

...and decides to go the other way.

Sam driving to her offensive zone.

Another look at Sam controlling the ball while driving to the net.

Sammie making a pass to a teammate.


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