Awards Picnic

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    The La Forza awards banquet was scheduled to be held on June 21st at Silver Lake Park in Fenton this year. As is always the case when an event is held outdoors, the weather can play a factor. It did today, as occasional rain put a slight damper on the festivities. It also meant that Samantha and her teammates were unable to be seated at a single table together, so they were forced to spread out throughout the pavilion. I wasn't able to attend this particular event, but from what I heard the kids enjoyed themselves. Drew found a ton of food to eat, and Jayden occupied herself on the playground (look closely at the second picture, and you can see Jay in the red dress playing on the monkey bars in the background). Sam received a medal for completing the season as well as a trophy for her teams first place finish in their division. All in all it was a great first year at La Forza, and we are already looking forward to next year!

Awards Picnic

Samantha (in the pink clothes) and some of her teammates ready to receive their awards.

Sam getting her medal from Coach Dean.

I managed to take a couple of pictures of Samantha's medal and trophy...


Sam's first place trophy is on top, while her La Forza ribbon is on the bottom.

A closer look at the championship plaque as well as the back side of the medal.


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