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    Since the La Forza girls did not have a scheduled game this weekend, their coach set up a "competitive friendly" between the two La Forza teams: Samantha and her White Ice teammates versus the Blue Fire team. The game didn't start out well for the Ice team, as they gave up 5 goals by the Fire in the first half. The Ice team managed to score just before halftime, and that seemed to give them some momentum going into the second half. The Ice came out on fire in the second half, no pun intended. They scored several quick goals before they finally gave up another. I didn't keep close tabs on the score, but the Fire team topped the Ice in a close battle. Sam didn't have her best game, as she didn't play aggressive soccer throughout. She also forgot her white jersey today, so she was forced to borrow one from a girl on the other team. Instead of her usual #29 shirt, she was wearing #16 today. Enjoy the pictures!

Competitive Friendly - vs. La Forza Blue Fire

Being a competitive friendly, there was no official referee or linesman today. While Tyler was off running an errand for me to the van, I volunteered him for a job. He wasn't too happy with me...

Samantha watching the action as her team controls the ball near their net.

Sam running towards the ball.

Sam passing the ball ahead to her teammate.

Sam catching her breath during a break in the action.

Sam ready to receive a thrown in from her teammate.

Sammie running down the field after the ball.

Sam getting into a defense position as the ball comes her way.


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