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    The morning weather wasn't the most cooperative for the first game for the La Forza White Ice girls, but the action was still impressive. The first half was a struggle, as the wind was at the back of the Livonia Lightning goaltender, allowing her to continually outkick the La Forza defense. It was this play that allowed the Lightning to jump out to the early lead over the Ice, and almost allowed them to expand their one goal lead further. Thankfully some spectacular play by the Ice goal keeper kept the deficit from growing. Samantha and the rest of her teammates seemed to really struggle in the first half... it shouldn't be due to unfamiliarity, as they just finished their undefeated indoor season, easily outscoring the opposition. Thankfully the sun began to shine a little brighter in the second half, and that seemed to wake up the girls. They came out really aggressively after halftime, dominating play by keeping the ball in their of the field for a majority of the half. They also managed to score two quick goals at the start of the half, a lead that they refused to relinquish. Sam didn't score either of the goals, but like the rest of her teammates was much more aggressive. That style of play resulted in a couple of shots on goals, one of which would have been a sure goal had it not been for a great play by one of the Lightning defenders, knocking the ball away from the goal at the last minute. Since the ball stayed in their offensive end for most of the half, the Ice goal keeper didn't have to do too much in the second half. Without much of a threat, the girls hung on for a 2-1 victory, their first of the Spring season. Go La Forza!

Game 1 - vs. Livonia Lightning

Samantha watching the action unfold down the field.

Sam looking up at the weather, hoping it doesn't get any worse than the wind and sprinkles that were around at the start of the game.

Sam and her teammates on their bench watching the action take place near their goal.

Sam managed to control the ball despite the presence of this opposing player.

Sam dribbling the ball down the field after moving past her defender.

A closer look at Sammie running down the field.

Sam preparing to perform a corner kick...

...the kick...

...and the follow through!

Sam and her teammate looking at the action taking place along the opposite sideline.

Sam running down the field.

Sam being more aggressive, knocking this Lightning player off the ball.

Sam looking at the action across the field once again.

Sam charged in hard to try and get the ball back for her team...

...which she did, managing to get off a nice shot on goal that was sure to get past the goal keeper but was knocked away by a defender at the last minute.

Sam controlling the ball in the corner of the field...

...before getting off another kick at the net.

Sam and her teammate talking as Coach Dean watches the players on the field.


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