Game 4

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    The entire La Forza team came out slowly today, despite controlling most of the action on the field. Samantha and the rest of her teammates managed to keep the ball on their offensive half of the field for a vast majority of the first half, but they couldn't manage to get the ball past the goalkeeper. Sam had two really good opportunities, but one was stopped by the keeper and the other was knocked away by a defensemen. The second half was another story, as the girls came out and scored two quick goals that seemed to deflate the Alliance team just a bit. Over the remainder of the second half, the Ice girls managed to net two more goals, making it a 4-0 victory for their fourth of the season.

Game 4 - at MI Alliance Blue

Samantha performing a corner kick.

A look at Sam resting during a brief break in the action.

Sam kicking the ball forward to her teammate.

Sam slapping a member of the opposing team! Kidding... she was trying to knock the ball away without running her over.

Sam watching her teammates control the ball.

Sammie guarding an opposing girl.

Sam running down the field.

Sam doing a throw-in while playing defense.

Sam running across the field again.


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