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    While Tara & I were late to today's game, my Dad & Mom were kind enough to take Samantha to her game in Holt this afternoon. When we arrived Sam and her teammates held a 2-0 lead, and halftime was just getting underway. When the second half kicked off, things seemed to go downhill for the La Forza team. The MI Rush CA Nike team seemed to control most of the play in the second half, and managed to score two goals to tie the game at 2-2. This is the way the game ended today, giving the La Forza girls their first non-win of the season. It appeared as if the heat took a toll on the girls today, and the extremely long grass certainly didn't do them any favors! If you look at the photos below, you will see several shots where Sam's feet aren't even visible. Our girls are definitely used to a quicker field, and this one absolutely slowed them down. Home field advantage, right?

Game 5 - at MI Rush CA Nike

Samantha watching as her teammates go after the ball across the field.

Sam battling an opponent for the ball.

Another shot of Sam watching the action across the field.

Sam racing down the field with the ball (as fast as she could in that tall grass, anyway).

Sam and one of her opponents watching as the ball sails out of bounds.

Sam knocking the opposition off the ball.

Sam controlling the action near the sideline.

Sam and the rest of the players heading down the field after a long kick.

Sam waiting for the play to resume.

Another picture where the players on the field are chasing after a long kick.

Sam walking near midfield.

Sammie waiting to check into the game once again.

Sam completing a pass to a teammate.

Sam waiting and hoping to knock a corner kick from her teammate into the net.


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