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    After taking the holiday weekend off for the Canton Cup soccer tournament, the La Forza girls took their second trip of the season to Holt. Last time it was against the MI Rush CA Nike team, this time they were going against the MI Rush CA Swoosh. If you read my game summary from the last match here you know that the grass field was extremely long. This time around the grass had been cut, but the markings on the field hadn't been repainted in quite some time, leaving the field boundaries a bit of a guessing game. Another difference between this trip and the last one was the outcome... like that game the girls jumped out to an early lead once again, but this time around they didn't give it up. They held on to their first half lead and added to it this time, securing a 5-1 victory in the process, giving the girls their 5th victory of the year.

Game 6 - at MI Rush CA Swoosh

Samantha was chosen to wear the captains band on her leg during today's game.

Sam and her teammates in their positions, ready to get the game underway.

Sam watching the action down the field.

Sam getting off a shot on goal that was stopped by the opposing team's goal keeper.

Sam resting a bit as the action takes place at the other end of the field.

Sam ready to accept a pass from her teammate.

Sammie dribbling the ball down the field.

Sam getting the ball into position... get off another shot on goal.

Sammie fighting off one of her opponents for the ball.

Sam corralling the ball...

...before driving down the field...

...for another shot attempt.

Sam got a chance to play defense in the second half. Here she is in position to help protect her goal.


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