Game 7

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    The La Forza girls played their final home game of the season against the Northville version of the MI Rush. Samantha had one of her best games of the season today, scoring her first goal while having a good overall game. She remained aggressive throughout it all, fighting for the ball and making moves as she dribbled down the field. It was a great way to end the home portion of the schedule, securing a 6-0 victory. The girls were a perfect 4-0 at home this year, and moved them to 6-0-1 with one game remaining on the schedule.

Game 7 - vs. MI Rush Northville

Samantha running down the field.

Sam dribbling the ball into her offensive zone.

Sam taking a break while an opposing player is treated for an injury.

Sammie chasing after the ball.

Sam fighting off her matching footwear opponent in an attempt to keep the ball inbounds.

Sam played some defense today, which means that she had to perform some throw-ins.

Sam did a good job offensively today, scoring a goal and making some good moves with the ball.

Sam performing another throw-in from the sideline.

And another throw-in from Sam.

Sam performing a corner kick...

...and another throw-in.


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