Game 8

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    The final game of the season took place on one of the hottest days of the years so far, and the girls were going to have to battle the heat while playing short handed, as only 8 girls were available to play. That meant that each of the girls would be forced to play the entire game without a break while the opposing team had nearly enough players to swap out their entire team at once. Our girls countered by keeping their water bottles along the sideline close to where they would be playing on the field. Fortunately our girls battled through the heat and controlled the action throughout the game. Aside from one brief period where the Lyon team managed to score their only goal, the La Forza girls dominated the action and thankfully scored enough goals to easily secure their seventh victory of the season. The 4-1 victory resulted in a 7-0-1 record for the season, which was easily secured first place in their division.

Game 8 - at Lyon FC

Samantha running down the field.

Sam and the rest of the girls had to do their best to conserve their energy today, taking breaks whenever the opportunity were available.

Sam and the rest of the girls moved around the field today, playing all of the positions. Here Sam is doing a throw-in while playing defense.

Sam doing another throw-in...

...and another throw in.

Sam open for a pass from a teammate.

Sam fighting off an opponent for the ball.

Sam corralling the ball in the corner.

Sam performing a corner kick pass to a teammate.

Sam doing another throw-in from the sideline.


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